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19/03/2012 - Applied Learning


Fast Forward PM launch a new and refreshed web site to reflect their ‘deep learning’ approach which helps to embed learning through practical demonstration - individuals can see their learning in action and as a result are more likely to develop it further and retain it longer. Fast Forward PM are specialists in ‘Applied Learning’ for project management and have developed and evolved the approach through their personal experience in helping individuals and organisations to overcome the complexity of the varying process specific methodologies available.

Too many people struggle to apply the concepts learnt in classroom based training and FFWDPM have developed a solution where universal and fundamental project management discipline can be learnt and applied through a hands on project scenario concept. We breathe life into knowledge gained from the more formal PM methodologies such as Prince 2™ , MSP™ and APMP™ so that individuals and organisations can transform learning investment into a positive business outcome. Fast Forward are the early pioneers of the ‘Applied Learning’ concept and have been developing the unique approach for over 10 years and now other training organisations are attempting to replicate the Fast Forward approach; we’ve been their done it, doing it and still learning every day!

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