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Project Master File

Our Project Master File is an Excel™ based set of user friendly linked worksheet templates. It can also be used as a simple progress reporting tool for project review meetings and reporting to stakeholders. The FFWDPM Master File is a one stop shop for key high level project documents. An overview document of the Fast Forward Master File and a selection of FREE one page templates can be downloaded from our downloads page.

Project Scope template Project Scope template Project Objectives template Project  Milestone template Milestone ‘Plan on a Page’ template Stakeholder analysis template Project Milestone template Project  Objectives template Responsibility Matrix template Project Responsibility RACI Matrix template Project Resource template Project Resource template Stakeholder Analysis template Stakeholder Analysis template Project Risks and Issues template Project Risks and Issues template Project Healthcheck template Project Healthcheck template

Our Project Master File is free to those attending at any of the Fast Forward training courses. If you would like to purchase a fully functional Project Masterfile please contact FFWDPM.