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Developing Real World PM Competence

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Smarter organisations now focus learning and development budgets on business outcomes where the learning produces a desired business benefit not just learning outcomes. We recognise the need to maximise your return on training investment, not just increasing the awareness or knowledge but raising skills, competence and confidence with our experiential ‘Applied Learning’ workshops so that delegates can apply Practical Project Management immediately they return to work.

Our Development Framework allows people to reach true project Practitioner, Coach or even Tutor status using their own projects for evidence-based assessment; it’s not about ticking boxes and having a shiny certificate on the wall!

Development Framework

Following on from our training workshops we can work with individuals and organisations to bespoke personal development plans and provide coaching and mentoring support to help them achieve their chosen level of development and maximise the return on the training investment.

Importantly our training is designed to develop project management competence and attendance on a Fast Forward inter-active workshop is the first part of that journey.

The development process uses an assessment centre approach where the individual will provide an overview of their project and / or coaching work and answer a series of questions which probe the use of our PPM approach supported by evidence based proof of application.

A standard feedback report is provided for each attendee and a certificate issued if they meet the required standard.

Download a printer friendly version of our development framework summary

Development Plans

We work with individuals to build their personal development plan and provide coaching & mentoring support to help them achieve their chosen level of skill & competence. The plans can be standalone, continuing professional development plans or incorporated into your own organisations performance management system.

Benefit for the individuals? Additional skills will improve their CV and make them more marketable. Improved skills and confidence, increased visibility of working on multiple projects, delivering training workshops, increasing their cross functional working and improving their presentation and facilitation skills. Improved chance of delivering project benefits on time.

Development Levels

The various competence levels that an individual can aspire to are summarised here:

  • Foundation - workshop attendance and basic knowledge of our practical project management approach.
  • Practitioner - workshop attendance, knowledge & applied competence in the workplace. Evidence based assessment.
  • Coach - supported & coached others to mobilise projects. Evidence based and on the job assessment.
  • Tutor - experienced coach and trainer, who understands and has delivered all of our workshop training modules to the required standard. Evidence based and on the job assessment.

We are happy to discuss and bespoke our development framework to suit your own organisation structure and terminology.

The project Practitioner and Coach will be the nucleus of talent to provide organisational self sufficiency!
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