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Applied Learning – ‘Learning by doing’

Taking multi-choice or narrative based tests does not necessarily prove understanding of a concept; you can read many books on how to ride a bike but when you get on and ride you find reality is a lot different! Would you trust your body to a surgeon who has a great deal of knowledge but never performed an operation before?

Classroom based and online learning solutions are cost effective and offer a good way of obtaining knowledge but this type of ‘shallow learning’ relies upon memory and regurgitation of information by rote. This tends to be a more passive learning style which fails to challenge the concepts or make synaptic links with other topics. As a result the learning will be quickly forgotten and the return on investment will be lost.

The trick is to exploit the knowledge gained by individuals, make it more relevant to the real world, link it with their previous experiences and encourage them to be more active in their own development. This powerful ‘deep learning’ approach helps to embed the learning through practical demonstration - individuals can see their learning in action and as a result are more likely to develop it further and retain it longer.

Our highly interactive and hands-on workshops reinforce the ‘learning by doing’ concept - encouraging people to apply the learning along with the tools and techniques in a safe and simulated project-based environment, giving them the confidence to apply their learning as soon as they return to the workplace, this gives a return on investment and increases the likelihood of positive business outcomes.

Applied Learning

At Fast Forward we are committed to helping individuals and organisations transform learning investment into a tangible business benefit

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Creative Leadership Model

The aim is to accelerate the development of project management competence by adopting an approach based on the concept that:

  • 70 % is learning by doing
  • 20 % is feedback and
  • 10 % is knowledge.

The learning by doing approach aligns with best practice in ‘Applied Learning styles’ which embraces a hands on practical approach to rapidly develop not only capability but more importantly competence and the ability to do the job well.

Click on the link for more information on the Centre for Creative Leadership model

Learning Evaluation Model

This model is based on a four stage model:

  • Reaction of individuals about the training.
  • Learning - the resulting increase in knowledge and/or skills, and change in attitudes
  • Behaviour - transfer of knowledge, skills, and/or attitudes from classroom to the job.
  • Results - the final results that occurred because of participation in a training program (e.g. monetary, performance-based, etc.)

Click on the link for more information about Kirkpatrick‘s Learning Evaluation model